You can access IntegronFinder online, on the Mobyle server of the Pasteur institute

How to use it

  1. Copy your sequence or upload it in the appropriate field.
  2. Select the options you want
  3. Click on Run

If you want more options:

  1. Click on advanced options (instead of Run)
  2. Select the options you want
  3. Click on Run

You can see the role of the different functions in the tutorial page, or by clicking on the red question mark in the corresponding field.

After submitting your job, you may need to enter your email.


Once the job is finished, you have a result page, which contains:

  • integron_finder.out:

    Log of the run. It tells you how many integrons have been found for each types along with the number of attC sites per type.

  • Schema of complete integron(s) : replicon_X.pdf

    Simple representation of one or more complete integrons found. The representation is very basic and a better representation can be obtained from the GenBank file and a software (eg Geneious) to represent it.

  • annotated sequence : replicon.gbk

    The GenBank file of the input sequence with the annotation corresponding to the elements found (integrase, attC, promoter, attI, etc...).

  • putative integrons : replicon.integrons

    A tabular file listing all the elements and their caracteristics.

Finally, you have your initial sequence of the replicon and the command line used.

For each of the aforementionned files, you can save them by clicking on the save button savebutton.